Going from Maker to Developer

Open source hardware can be a great starting point for skunkworks projects and weekend hobbyists, and may even make sense for developers trying out their earliest concepts. Students, hackers, and experimenters find the cheap, open source hardware to be readily available and all that they need for their side projects.

For engineers and developers in the corporate world, responsible for creating dependable and specialized products, there comes a time when a project is ready to move from a resource-constrained ideation phase to full on product development. Rugged, small form factor, highly integrated embedded computer boards like Eurotech’s CPU-351-13 are what product development teams rely on to evolve quickly and successfully from early concepts to saleable products that are backed by a strong business case.

Powerful processors, many standard I/O options and rugged components in the hardware platform complement the operating system and a software development framework to offer a full embedded system. With that much integration already, developers are free to focus on what they want to do with the platform, what makes their solution different from their competitors.

Commercial products that are built to be operational over years, not months, are vital to the product developer community. Eurotech’s CPU-351-13 delivers a comprehensive, tested and supported embedded computing platform to make sure product developers are working with hardware that will be around for a long product lifecycle, not just until the next new shiny object pops up.

Make the move from Maker to Developer – learn more about developing long life-cycle products based on proven platforms and proven business models.

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