The Benefits of a Java-Based Application Framework for IoT Projects

IoT projects present many challenges, even when the hardware is designed exactly to customer specifications. Building on proven architecture and software building blocks that would require many years to develop, the use of a Java-based IoT application framework will result in shorter, more deterministic device software development. Using an IT-centric approach to implement the device logic in smart edge devices improves both device management and embedded application management. Once this standard software platform is in place, connecting and getting business relevant data to the cloud is simpler than it ever has been before.

An advanced software framework that leverages OSGi and Java both isolates the developer from the complexity of the hardware and communications infrastructure and also complements the Multi-Service Gateway hardware for an integrated hardware and software solution.


The benefits of IT-centric application development to implement business logic in smart edge devices/service gateways are:

* Simplifying application development for smart M2M Multi-Service Gateways and Smart Edge Devices.

* Optimizing portability across systems and hardware architectures.

* Improving device management (local and remote).

* Integrating native M2M platforms and protocols (Everyware Cloud, MQTT).

* Managing local and remote applications.

Java is ideal for application code development in connected devices such as IoT gateways enabling a robust software infrastructure for service delivery platforms. This enables easy code development through software simulation before porting onto the embedded devices and reducing time to market.

Through the Everyware Software Framework (ESF), Eurotech provides a set of common services for Java developers building IoT applications, including I/O access, data services, network configuration and remote management. Eurotech assures a strong foundation for IoT applications by working with leading industry partners to provide the technology basis for device, network, and service abstraction as well as efficient development and deployment.

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