Think about IoT Security Holistically

As new technology evolves, it is not uncommon for both vendors and customers to jump on the bandwagon before thinking about the overarching issues, such as security.  The Internet of Things presents a whole new set of security concerns – from the device side to the cloud and everywhere in between.  Security is all too often an afterthought in IoT deployments.

Eurotech has been considering IoT security from the start and we believe in thinking about IoT security holistically.  Our priority is to maintain customer trust and confidence by ensuring the integrity, availability and confidentiality of customer data.  There is no singular IoT security solution, however creating a secure system is a step by step process to ensure total data integrity.


In order to address each possible point of failure in an IoT solution, security must be a fundamental part of the overall architecture.  Architects have to account for the challenges of geographically dispersed, unattended mobile devices connected through unreliable, comparatively low bandwidth communication channels.  By implementing security features at each individual element, system architects can ensure complete IoT system security.


Eurotech recommends the following best practices for IoT security:

  •  Build solutions based on open and industry standards
  • Leverage proven IT/enterprise class security technologies
  • Include security, scalability and resiliency in design from day one
  • Encapsulate the complexity of an end-to-end security solution
  • Continuously test and audit the system


Eurotech’s CMO Robert Andres recently explored this topic in depth for RTC Magazine.

If you would like to know even more about IoT Security, from Confidentiality to Integrity and Availability, see the full ‘IoT Security Elements’ presentation.



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